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Photo: Aaron Hawkins

Extraordinary Experiences

For almost 30 years Arts Mildura has been dedicated to the development and growth of the cultural landscape and creative industries of the Mallee and Victoria. 


The community’s appetite for arts experiences is largely attributable to the work done over past decades by passionate, visionary individuals, who could see something others couldn’t—the unlimited potential for the regional community to become a progressive and sustainable cultural force.

Awakening from Covid restrictions in 2022 there was a renewed energy from the organisation, with a bold vision of connecting to
it's community through a series of festivals.

Client - Arts Mildura

Project - Brand + Digital Strategy 

Location - Mallee Region Victoria - Australia

Photography -  Aaron Hawkins


Presented by Arts Mildura, SemiArid is a series of festivals aimed at activating the Mallee Region as a destination of discovery for visitors and the community.


Rather than a traditional festival model which focuses attentions into one location/town, SemiArid shares the program across points of interest in the region encouraging audiences to explore the mallee and discover small towns and areas of natural beauty across outback Victoria.

As part of SemiArid Tom Barton perfomed  alongside pianist Nathan Liow and guitarist Diego Villalta, in a powerful performance improvised in response to the landscapes of Mildura and the strange wonder of the world around us.

Tom Barton  effortlessly traverses the lines between electronic and acoustic, and with a voice compared to both Jeff Buckley and Björk, Tom wields sounds like stepping stones to another world.

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