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The Cutaway is a leader in industry led education, playing a strong role in consulting and lecturing 
in the Australian University sector.

It's founder, Beck Storer, leads the charge in industry led design education, lecturing at leading Design Schools in Melbourne


Beck is also a member of the course advisory committee for the Masters in Creative Industries at Melbourne Polytechnic and is a Board member of the Centre (for) Projection Art


Hunters + Gatherers is a 3rd year elective studio for Communication Design students at RMIT,  developed and delivered by
Beck Storer. .


The studio empowers young creatives to grasp a new set of lenses and see the design world with fresh new perspectives. The focus moves from craft to design thinking and how this thinking can be applied in design led solutions to change mindsets, systems, communities and culture.

The studio explores contemporary research methods used in the communication design industry.


It is a pro-active, unscripted and at times quite a chaotic journey!


The young creatives are  encouraged to leap in to the deep end of a brave new world of design - redefining the design process and the role of a designer in the process.

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