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The Future Sees You

The Future Sees You presents the beauty of the optimism embraced by the young creative adult – the future thinkers, innovators, designers and artists of our world.


Creating graphic abstracts of filmed eyes, it captures the emotions, beliefs and hopes from a selected group of young creatives at the renowned Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University.


Through these eyes they see the future, the thinker, innovator, designer and artist: tomorrow’s creatives who will change our world.

Client - Torrens University, Billy Blue College of Design

Location - White Night 2018 - Melbourne

Gold - 2019 Indigo Awards, Netherlands

Silver - 2019 A'Design International Awards

Silver - 2018 International Design Award


The projection installation is part of White Night,
pinnacle arts festival. It's an event that draws huge crowds into the CBD to view and appreciate bespoke innovative art forms.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 7.10.50 pm.png
The Future Sees You

The Future Sees You

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