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Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things is part of Melbourne's Metro Tunnel Creative Program - a program that is dedicated to enhancing city life alongside the construction of the Metro Tunnel - a major development to our existing underground train system.


Tiny cells, a cluster of embryos, organisms multiplying this is the unique view seen through the researcher's lens, a beautiful breathtaking view that is often not seen by
members of the public. 


The project celebrates and explores the beauty that is seen under the microscope,  re-interpreting microscopic images in to modern abstract patterns through the blasts of a vibrant fluorescent colour palette. 

Client - Metro Tunnel Creative Program

Location - Grattan Street Parkville


light it up

At times the space can be quite dark when walking through it. To ensure increased visibility for the public, glow in the dark decals are delicately placed through out the artwork to enhance the graphic illustrations and overall experience of the space.


It's big!

Collaborating with students and researchers from the University of Melbourne we created 40 illustrations, resulting in the creation of a large scale public art installation covering over 250 meters in length

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